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The Global SCM Innovator  CJ korea express
Meet a greater world with CJ korea express growing into a global logistics enterprise representing Korea.

About CJ korea express

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  • Business Sector CJ korea express conducts the businesses as follows.
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CJ korea express performs a global management via strongholds situated all around the world.


CJ korea express has been merged with CJ GLS.

CJ korea express will rewrite Korea's logistics history boasting of the country's largest logistics infrastructure and the high-tech IT logistics system.

The Global SCM Innovator

CJ korea express will leap into one of the top five global logistics enterprises by 2020.

Having 71 overseas strongholds in 16 countries, the company as the largest logistics company at home is providing its differentiated global logistics service thanks to a wide range of global network. In recent years when borders become meaningless and everyone comes to the global stage for competition, CJ korea express will be a reliable partner for those companies that advance to a global stage.

CJ korea express will expand the value of customers to all over the world. Leading logistics experts in CJ korea express provide the differentiated service of integrated logistics to create the company's SCM values based on SCM, and IT convergence technology and knowledge in such fields as contract logistics, forwarding, stevedoring, international express. CJ korea express will help you meet a greater world as a global SCM innovator cherishing the value of customers.

CJ korea express delivers even the intent of customers. CJ korea express makes its best efforts to deliver parcels and packages on the fastest, safest basis via the country's largest infrastructure with about 5,000 service masters as well as nationwide agencies. CJ korea express promises to deliver even the intent of customers.



  • Founded : 1930. 11. 15
  • Total sales : 44,450,000,000,0(2012year)
  • No. of employees : 5,700
  • Business sectors : Contract Logistics, Forwarding, Stevedoring, Marine Transport, Parcel Delivery, International Express, SCM Solutions, Environmental Business, Gas Station Service, Oil Marketer Business, Car Repair/Special Vehicle Business, Moving Service